Festool Domino Joiners

Festool Domino Joiners

The Festool Domino system comprised of the DF 500 and the DF 700 domino machines is quickly becoming an essential piece of kit for and woodworkers shop. The Festool DF 500 and DF 700 domino machines create mortises for floating tenons in a matter of seconds, massively speeding up wood joining speed whilst maintaining even improving joint integrity and strength. Festool Dominos are available in a range of sizes in beech wood for indoor work and in mahogany for outdoor work.

The Festool DF 500 and DF 700 bring major improvements in convenience and speed to floating tenon joinery.

For the hobbyist woodworker: The Festool domino is a fantastic machine to help make joining an easy task

For the professional woodworker: The Festool Domino is becoming an essential tool for small and large series joinery alike due to its ability to make your life easier while not compromising joint integrity and quality

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