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Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner Complete Set With Domino Assortment & Stops (574872-KIT)

Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner Complete Set With Domino Assortment & Stops (574872-KIT)


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Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner Complete Set

With everything you need to get going and stay going.


  • DOMINO cutter Qty 6 : D4, D5 X 2, D6, D8, D10 
  • T-Loc Systainer 2 Case with Dividers - 497703 Qty 450: 4 mm x 20 mm Domino Beech - 495661 Qty 255: 5 mm x 30 mm Domino Beech - 494938 Qty 150: 6 mm x 40 mm Domino Beech - 494939 Qty 100: 8 mm x 40 mm Domino Beech - 494940 Qty 75: 8 mm x 50 mm Domino Beech - 494941 Qty 60: 10 mm x 50 mm Domino Beech - 494942 
  • Vertical Stop 495666
  • Trim Stop 493487
  • Cross Stop 498590
  • Domino DF 500 operation tool

The perfect solution for precise panel joints. The unique DOMINO system combines the precision of a round dowel with the flexibility of a flat dowel, resulting in larger glued areas and increased stability. With its varied use of dowel sizes from 4 x 20 mm to 10 x 50 mm, this machine can create extremely strong, invisible joints for furniture manufacture, shopfitting/interior fitting, window construction, and exhibition stand construction.

One of the standout features of the Festool DF 500 Domino Machine is its patented routing principle, which is unique to hand-held machines. This feature ensures accurate work with no kickbacks, and the stops are quick and easy to adjust for precise results. The DOMINO dowels also provide maximum stability and a rotation-proof joint.

This machine is convenient and safe to use, thanks to its innovative stop cap system that allows for quick and easy positioning. The preselection slider enables users to adjust the routing height and depth in seconds. Additionally, the unique patented pendulum routing principle ensures smooth and accurate work without leaving any scorch marks.

With its powerful 420W motor and idle engine speed of 25,500 min⁻¹, the Festool DF 500 Domino Machine is efficient and effective. It comes with a depth stop for routing depth of 12, 15, 20, 25, or 28 mm, and the maximum routing depth is 28.00 mm. The DOMINO slot cutter diameter ranges from 4 to 10 mm, and the routing height can be adjusted from 5 to 30 mm. The mitre routing feature allows for angles from 0 to 90°.

The Festool DF 500 Domino Machine is a versatile and reliable tool that delivers ideal results more quickly. It is compatible with a wide range of system accessories for virtually unlimited jointing possibilities, making it a must-have for any woodworking project. Invest in the Festool DF 500 Domino Machine and take your woodworking to the next level!

More precise joints

  • Diverse use with dominos from 4x20 mm to 10x50 mm
  • Patented routing principle unique to hand-held machines for accurate work with no kickbacks
  • Stops that are quick and easy to adjust, for accurate results
  • Ergonomic shape for ease of operation in any position
  • Rotation-proof joint with DOMINO dowels providing maximum stability
  • System accessories compatible with both DOMINO jointers

Main areas of use:

  • Furniture manufacture
  • Shop fitting/Interior fitting
  • Window construction
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • For panel joins
  • For frame and rack joints

Technical data:

  • Power consumption: 420 W
  • Idle engine speed: 25500 / min
  • Depth stop for routing depth: 12, 15, 20, 25, 28 mm
  • Max. routing depth: 28 mm
  • DOMINO slot cutter diameter: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm
  • Routing height adjustment: 5 - 30 mm
  • Mitre routing: 0 - 90°
  • Dust extraction connection diameter: 27 mm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg


Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner - Panel Joints:


Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner - Mitre Joints:

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