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Strata AdvanceMig500 Pack 350A Compact Air-Cooled Inverter MIG/MMA/TIG Welder Package (3 Phase)

Strata AdvanceMig500 Pack 350A Compact Air-Cooled Inverter MIG/MMA/TIG Welder Package (3 Phase)


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AdvanceMig500 Pack - 500A Synergic Inverter MIG/MMA/TIG Welder - Ultimate Power and Precision

Product Description: Elevate your welding capabilities with the AdvanceMig500 Pack, a 500A Synergic Inverter MIG/MMA/TIG Welder that stands as the epitome of power and precision. Featuring state-of-the-art synergic technology and full operational controls on the remote wire feeder, these 3-phase machines are exceptionally easy to operate. Packed with rich features, including a 4-roll wire feeder and integrated protection systems, these welders lead in performance, reliability, and user satisfaction, making them the go-to choice for rugged heavy-duty work day in and day out.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent digital wire feeder with all MIG controls and display located on the wire feeder control panel
  • Digital microprocessor control system for superior & dynamic arc characteristics
  • Optional integrated heavy-duty industrial trolley with a storage compartment option
  • Optional extended 10m interconnect cable (500A rated Water Cooled #17391) (350A rated Air Cooled #17388)
  • Modular power source can be used individually for MMA, arc air gouging, and lift TIG welding (only 21kg!)
  • Synergic MIG operation for optimal welding results every time
  • Lift TIG operation with down slope and remote current control (torch optional)
  • MIG waveform (inductance) control for precise arc control and smoother welding results
  • Damage-resistant industrial casing with front panel protection
  • Wire inching and gas purge control for safe, simple setup, and ease of use
  • Adjustable pre-flow, post-flow, burnback, and soft start settings
  • 2T/4T trigger operation with crater control settings
  • Adjustable arc force, hot start & automatic anti-stick control
  • Dual digital display meters for accurate pre-setting and feedback of welding parameters & output.
  • Power source wind tunnel cooling construction for optimal performance
  • Protection against environmental contamination

Accessories Included:

  • 3m Interconnecting Cable
  • 3m Earth Lead with HD earth clamp
  • 4m MMA lead with HD twist lock electrode holder
  • Professional MIG Torch
  • Argon Gas Regulator/CO2 Cylinder Adaptor
  • 4m Gas Hose
  • Gas Inlet Quick Connector
  • Gas Hose Clamp x2
  • Wire Drive Roller 0.8/0.9mm 'V' Groove x2
  • Wire Drive Roller 1.0/1.2mm 'V' Groove x2
  • Wire Drive Roller 1.2/1.6mm flux-cored x2


  • Power Source Dimensions: 605x240x455mm, Weight: 30kg
  • Wire Feeder Dimensions: 600x290x480mm, Weight: 16kg
  • Trolley Dimensions: 1050x440x1100mm, Weight: 32kg
  • Storage Compartment Dimensions: 620x240x290mm, Weight: 11kg
  • Water Cooler Dimensions: 620x240x290mm, Weight: 18kg
  • Complete Package Dimensions: 1050x44x1450mm, Weight: 110kg
  • Input Power Supply: 400V AC 3 Phase 32A 50/60Hz
  • Input Power Supply Tolerance: ±10%V
  • Maximum Input Current: 26A
  • Generator Capacity: 25KVA
  • Mig Output Voltage: 10V - 50V
  • Mig Output Current: 40A - 500A
  • MIG Duty Cycle: 500A@60%, 400A@100%
  • Wire Feeding Speed: 2.4 - 18m/min
  • MMA Current Output: 40A - 500A
  • MMA O/C Voltage: 67V
  • TIG Duty Cycle: 500A@60% 400A@100%
  • TIG Current Output: 40A-500A
  • Insulation Class: IP23
  • Standards: EN60974-1:2012
  • MMA Rod Size: 1.6-4.0mm
  • Warranty: Commercial 12 months, extends to 36 months
  • Power Efficiency: 85%
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