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HOLER (DHS0450-BS10) Hand / Floor Saw | 457x3.6x10 | (BS10) | FSL-CA ★★

HOLER (DHS0450-BS10) Hand / Floor Saw | 457x3.6x10 | (BS10) | FSL-CA ★★


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The Contractor BS10 diamond saw blade suits 2-stroke hand saws and low powered floor saw. Designed for the general Contractor or Hire / Rental industry where a variety of materials are being cut and often by a variety of different operators. The BS10 can be used as a General Purpose blade and it is best suited cutting mature concrete with medium aggregate and medium reinforcing, as well as Asphalt / Chip seal (60/40 split). To ensure the blade can handle this variety, it features an extra hardened steel core and full diamond undercut protection segments that aid towards eliminating any undercutting of the segments or damage to the blade. Other applications where the BS10 can be used include: Brick & Paver saws. The BS10 is from our Standard** quality range. For improved speed and lifetime performance refer to our Contractor H10 range.



  • 2 in 1 concrete and asphalt
  • Mature concrete with light reinforcing, curb and channel, driveways, asphalt and chip seal, not suitable for very hard concrete (pipes and panels)
  • Suitable for 2-stroke hand saws and floor saws up to 27 HP
  • Long life, very durable
  • Features diamond undercut protection (C type – full depth) for maximum protection
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