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Hindin Spitfire 1350N 2.5HP 50L Single Phase Belt Drive Compressor

Hindin Spitfire 1350N 2.5HP 50L Single Phase Belt Drive Compressor


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Spitfire 1350N Single Phase 240V Belt Drive Compressor

The Spitfire 1350N Single Phase 240V Belt Drive Compressor, a must-have tool for all your heavy-duty operations.

The Spitfire 1350N is designed to deliver a robust free air delivery of 189 lpm (7 cfm) at a sustained pressure of 6.7 bar, ensuring maximum efficiency for all your professional or DIY tasks. Notably, it can reach a remarkable max pressure of 9.5 bar or 135 psi, a testament to its superior operational capacity.

Driven by a high-performance 1.9 KW or 2.5 HP motor, this single phase 240V belt drive compressor offers outstanding power output. It is equipped with the robust PAT24A pump, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and consistent performance, even under strenuous working conditions.

The Spitfire 1350N is not only powerful but also compact and convenient. With dimensions of 86 x 43 x 90 cm, it fits comfortably within any workspace, be it your garage, workshop, or on-site project locations. Despite its impressive power, it is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 59 kg, making it easy to transport and handle.

This compressor boasts a considerable air receiver capacity of 51.5 liters, allowing you to tackle extended work sessions with fewer interruptions. The 51.5 litre air receiver ensures a continuous supply of compressed air for your power tools or inflation tasks.

In summary, the Spitfire 1350N Single Phase 240V Belt Drive Compressor is an embodiment of power, efficiency, and reliability. This high-quality, professional-grade tool is a solid investment for those in need of a dependable air compressor for their extensive project requirements.

Technical data:

Air receiver: 51.5 liters
Free air delivery: 189 lpm (7 cfm) @ 6.7 bar
Max. pressure: 9.5 bar/ 135 psi
Power: 1.9 KW/ 2.5 HP
Pump: PAT24A
Dimensions (L x W x H): 86 x 43 x 90 cm
Weight: 59 kg
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