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Hindin Industrial H30PE 6kW (8HP) 125L Honda Petrol Belt Drive Compressor With Electric Start

Hindin Industrial H30PE 6kW (8HP) 125L Honda Petrol Belt Drive Compressor With Electric Start


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Hindin Industrial HD30PE: High-Capacity 6kW Petrol Belt Drive Compressor with Electric Start

Powerful and Reliable for Heavy-Duty Use

The Hindin Industrial HD30PE, a robust 6kW (8HP) petrol belt drive compressor, is designed for intense industrial use. It features a 125-litre air receiver, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring a high-capacity and reliable air supply, particularly in outdoor or remote locations where electric power is not readily available.

Advanced TA80 Pump for Optimal Performance

This model is equipped with a genuine FuSheng reciprocating air compressor pump, known for its low RPM and cast iron construction. The TA80 pump ensures efficiency and durability, making the HD30PE a long-lasting investment for demanding industrial environments.

High-Efficiency Design and Construction

The HD30PE boasts a superior pump design, including a high-strength forged steel crankshaft and low-friction roller main bearings. An extra-large oil reservoir enhances the compressor's performance and reliability. These features together ensure a consistently high level of performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

Petrol Power with Convenient Electric Start

Powered by an 8HP Honda engine with an electric start, the HD30PE offers the convenience of easy operation and robust power. The petrol model includes Conrader auto-idle throttle control and an easy-start unloading ball valve, providing both efficiency and ease of use.

Large Air Receiver for Effective Storage

The generously sized 125-litre air receiver tank optimizes storage efficacy, ensuring a steady and reliable air supply for various tools and applications.

Premium Construction Materials

This compressor is built with premium grade fasteners, fittings, and check valves, along with copper piping, ensuring durability and long-term performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Air Receiver Capacity: 125 litres
  • Free Air Delivery (FAD): 680 lpm
  • Air Displacement: 877 lpm / 31 cfm
  • Maximum Pressure: 9.5 bar / 140 psi
  • Power Source: Petrol, 8 HP electric start
  • Pump Model: TA80
  • Dimensions: 147 x 46 x 106 cm
  • Weight: 194 kg

Versatile and Durable for Industrial Needs

The Hindin Industrial HD30PE is more than a compressor; it's an essential tool for industries requiring powerful and reliable air compression, especially in off-grid or mobile scenarios. Its combination of power, durability, and capacity makes it an excellent choice for construction, agricultural, and industrial applications.

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