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Festool Systainer³ ToolBag Sys3 T-Bag M (577501)

Festool Systainer³ ToolBag Sys3 T-Bag M (577501)


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Elevate Your Tool Management: The Festool Systainer³ ToolBag SYS3 T-BAG M

Pioneering the Future of Tool Management Meet the Festool Systainer³ ToolBag, a marvel in the realm of tool storage. It's not just a tool bag; it's a tool bag reimagined in the Systainer format. By offering meticulous organization and ease of transport, this ToolBag sets a new standard in tool management.

A Versatile Storage Powerhouse Made with the finest textiles and crafted to withstand up to a 20 kg load, the ToolBag does not compromise on robustness. Its interiors are customizable with pockets that can be arranged to suit individual preferences, making it adaptable to various professional requirements.

Intricate Organization Meets Accessibility The ToolBag isn't just about storage; it's about intelligent organization. Its design ensures that hand tools and accessories are easily accessible, stored systematically, and are transported securely. The presence of external and internal compartments expands the range of storage possibilities.

Designed with Comfort in Mind Beyond its functionality, the ToolBag places a premium on comfort. With a sturdy handle complemented by a soft grip and an ergonomic shoulder strap padded for comfort, transporting your tools becomes a breeze.

Seamless Integration into the Systainer Ecosystem One of the ToolBag's standout features is its compatibility with the entire Festool Systainer system. Whether you're coupling it with older Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors, or integrating it with bott vehicle fixtures, the ToolBag promises a perfect fit.

Optimizing Your Professional Presence Whether in the workshop, en route in a vehicle, or on the construction site, the Systainer³ ToolBag ensures you're always at the pinnacle of organization. And in the world of professionals, being organized doesn't just make tasks easier; it leaves a lasting impression on clients.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 396 x 296 x 360 mm
  • Load Capacity: 20.00 kg
  • Load Capacity (When Connected): 40.00 kg
  • Product Weight (Without Accessories): 3.50 kg

In summation, the Festool Systainer³ ToolBag SYS3 T-BAG M isn't just another addition to your toolkit. It's a testament to what happens when innovative design meets practical functionality. For professionals who value organization, efficiency, and a touch of style, this ToolBag is an indispensable asset.

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