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FESTOOL SYMC 70 EB Symmetric 18v Cordless Compound Mitre Saw Skin (577424)

FESTOOL SYMC 70 EB Symmetric 18v Cordless Compound Mitre Saw Skin (577424)


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Festool Symmetric SYMC 70 Cordless Compound Mitre Saw - The Ultimate Blend of Precision and Portability in Mitre Sawing

Mastering Every Corner Seamlessly Introducing the Festool Symmetric SYMC 70 Cordless Compound Mitre Saw, a masterstroke in the realm of corner cutting. This isn't merely a tool—it represents a leap forward in mitre saw technology. Equipped with an avant-garde symmetrical stop system, the SYMC 70 offers craftsmen the unmatched ability to cut strips with pin-point accuracy at their desired angles, effectively doubling the productivity compared to traditional mitre saws.

Angle Mastery Without the Complexity Angles can often introduce complexity into woodworking. Yet, with the SYMC 70's intuitive bevel design, capturing interior and exterior angles becomes child's play. The seamless integration of these measurements into the saw ensures every cut's perfection. And, its compact, cordless nature signifies an end to the constraints of tight workspaces.

Rapid, Accurate Positioning The key to an impeccable cut often lies in precise positioning. With integrated rollers, the SYMC 70 promises swift and accurate alignment, ensuring the best position for every cut. Together with the symmetrical stop system, this saw effortlessly embraces both interior and exterior angles, negating the need for tedious recalibrations or intricate calculations.

Enduring Power with Advanced Engineering At the heart of the SYMC 70 lies a modern brushless EC-TEC motor. When married to its dual 18V battery system, you get a behemoth that not only delivers unmatched power but also boasts an extended runtime. The cordless design liberates you from the shackles of restrictive cables, streamlining your workflow.

Superlative Cutting with Crystal-clear Visibility The SYMC 70's hallmark is precision. Thanks to its in-built LED spotlight, the exact cutting line remains distinctly visible at all times, embodying consistent accuracy. Plus, with a centrally-located user-friendly switch, it seamlessly caters to both right and left-handed artisans.

Optimized for a Clean Workspace Maintaining a clutter-free workspace can profoundly impact the quality of the end product. Though the SYMC 70 does not come with a chip collection bag as standard, this optional accessory can be added. By efficiently capturing dust, it ensures you can uphold a pristine working environment, enhancing both efficiency and results.


  • Battery Voltage: 2 x 18 V
  • Idle Engine Speed: 1,300 - 1,800/3,500 min⁻¹
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 216.00 mm
  • Interior Angle Range: 0 - 68 °
  • Exterior Angle Range: 0 - 60 °
  • Max. Cutting Height (Interior): 64.00 mm
  • Max. Cutting Height (Exterior): 70.00 mm
  • Cutting Width: 80.00 mm
  • Dust Extraction Connection: 27/36 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 4.00 Ah
  • Drive Type: Battery
  • Product Weight (excluding accessories): 11.10 kg
  • Transport Weight (including accessories): 14.50 kg

To conclude, the Festool Symmetric SYMC 70 Cordless Compound Mitre Saw is the epitome of woodworking perfection. It synergizes precision and mobility, crafting an experience that's unparalleled. Be it a seasoned carpenter or a woodworking enthusiast, the SYMC 70 stands ready to transform your woodworking visions into tangible masterpieces. Elevate your woodworking journey today with the SYMC 70.

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