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Festool Limited Surface Prep Grinder & AutoClean Dust Extractor Set RENOFIX RG 130 Plus CTM 36 E AC

Festool Limited Surface Prep Grinder & AutoClean Dust Extractor Set RENOFIX RG 130 Plus CTM 36 E AC


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Introducing the Festool Ultimate Surface Prep Kit: a powerful, limited edition duo designed to tackle the toughest surface preparation tasks with unmatched efficiency and cleanliness. This exclusive set pairs the new Festool RG 130 Grinder with the CTM 36 E AC Dust Extractor, offering a seamless integration of power and precision with advanced dust management. Ideal for professionals in renovation, construction, and woodworking, this kit ensures you can achieve flawless surfaces with minimal cleanup.

Festool RG 130 Grinder: The RG 130 Grinder is the cornerstone of surface preparation, engineered for versatility, power, and control. With its robust 130mm diameter grinding head, the RG 130 is designed to tackle a wide range of materials, from concrete to plaster and paint removal, providing a smooth, even finish. The powerful motor and variable speed control adapt to the material, ensuring efficient material removal with less effort. Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, the RG 130 allows for extended operation without fatigue, making it ideal for floor preparation, renovation tasks, and more.

Festool CTM 36 E AC Dust Extractor: Complementing the RG 130, the CTM 36 E AC Dust Extractor is a powerhouse of cleanliness and efficiency. Designed for maximum suction and filtration, it captures up to 99.9% of fine dust, ensuring a clean, healthy working environment. The AutoClean (AC) function automatically cleans the filter, maintaining peak performance and suction power without interruption. With its large 36-liter container capacity, it's built for extensive use, reducing downtime for emptying. The CTM 36 E AC is mobile, sturdy, and equipped with antistatic function, making it the perfect partner for on-site jobs.

How They Work Together: The RG 130 Grinder and CTM 36 E AC Dust Extractor are designed to operate in perfect harmony, providing a dust-free solution for surface preparation. The direct connection between the grinder and the extractor ensures that dust and debris are immediately captured at the source, greatly reducing airborne particles and keeping the work area clean. This synergy not only enhances the quality of the finish but also protects the user's health and reduces cleanup time, making it an efficient system for professionals.

Exclusive Kit Benefits:

  • Integrated System: Both tools are designed to work together seamlessly, providing an efficient, dust-managed grinding experience.
  • Health and Safety: By capturing dust at the source, the kit ensures a safer working environment, minimizing the inhalation of harmful particles.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: With powerful material removal and automatic dust extraction, the kit reduces work time and increases productivity.
  • Limited Edition Offering: This combo kit is a unique, limited edition offering, making it a valuable addition to any professional's toolkit.
  • Mobility and Convenience: Packaged with mobility in mind, the CTM 36 E AC's sturdy wheels and handle, along with the RG 130's ergonomic design, ensure ease of transport and use across various job sites.

The Festool Ultimate Surface Prep Kit, featuring the new RG 130 Grinder and the CTM 36 E AC Dust Extractor, represents the pinnacle of performance and cleanliness in surface preparation. This limited edition duo is a must-have for professionals demanding the best in efficiency, health, and safety. Secure your kit today and experience the difference in your surface preparation tasks.

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