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Festool ExoActive EXO 18 HPC Active Exoskeleton Set (577339)

Festool ExoActive EXO 18 HPC Active Exoskeleton Set (577339)


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Festool ExoActive EXO 18 HPC Active Exoskeleton - The New Power Behind Your Arms

Elevating Effortless Work Step into the future of construction with the Festool ExoActive EXO 18 HPC Active Exoskeleton. Specially engineered to empower your arms, this game-changing device turns once daunting overhead tasks such as painting, wallpapering, or installation into a breeze. The ExoActive not only amplifies your strength when fatigue sets in but also substantially reduces strain on your neck, promising a seamless working experience even during prolonged periods.

Unparalleled Support and Efficiency Designed with an innovative active system, the ExoActive offers superior overhead support, making arm-tiring tasks feel almost effortless. Long-term overload becomes a thing of the past as the exoskeleton conserves your energy, allowing for prolonged focus and maximized work efficiency.

Customized Assistance at Your Fingertips Choose from three distinct working areas tailored to specific applications, and customize the support level across five settings. This ensures the ExoActive offers you precise assistance exactly where and when you need it. Wearing the ExoActive feels natural, much like donning a rucksack. Its adjustable features ensure it fits perfectly, irrespective of your height.

Reaping the Benefits of Advanced Design The ExoActive provides an astonishing 5 kg of support for each underarm, making heavy tools like the PLANEX LHS 2 225 EQI long-reach sander feel astonishingly light. Its intricate design promises active support while retaining ease of control, and its three application areas - waist upwards, chest upwards, or overhead - are effortlessly manageable. Furthermore, the Festool Work App provides additional profiles for optimal aid.

Unrestricted Movement and Hygiene Move freely and comfortably, whether you're grabbing a tool from your vehicle or mixing paint. The ExoActive guarantees unhindered movement. The hygiene aspect hasn't been overlooked either; all fabric and strap components are removable and washable. Users can also have their own harness system, promoting ease and rapidity in transitions.

Integrated Power and Reliable Warranty Running on a formidable 18V battery, the ExoActive ensures rapid charging and consistent reliability. Registration within 30 days offers comprehensive warranty coverage, even extending to battery packs and chargers.


  • Battery Voltage (Rated Voltage): 18 V
  • Technology: Bluetooth®
  • Drive Type: Battery
  • 4.0 Ah Runtime: 1.5 - 5 h (Varies depending on application and movement dynamics)
  • Battery Capacity: 4.00 Ah
  • Product Weight (without accessories): 7.00 kg
  • Transport Weight (including accessories): 13.30 kg

In summary, the Festool ExoActive EXO 18 HPC Active Exoskeleton revolutionizes the work experience. Designed with the modern craftsman in mind, this tool brings the future of construction to today, turning exhaustive tasks into effortlessly achievable endeavors. This isn't just an exoskeleton; it's an extension of your body, a testament to Festool's commitment to innovation and ergonomic excellence. Equip yourself with the ExoActive and experience the evolution of hard work.

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