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Festool Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC / Hebel) Plunge Cutting Kit 55mm Max Depth

Festool Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC / Hebel) Plunge Cutting Kit 55mm Max Depth


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Contains everything needed to make low dust cuts into autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) products.

This kit contains everything needed to cut Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC / Hebel) panel and sheet products in a dust controlled manner.*

This kit is suitable for panels up to 55mm thick without the use of the guide rail & 50mm with the use of the guide rail.
For a kit with a bigger capacity CLICK HERE


  • 1x Festool TS 55 FEBQ Plunge Saw
  • 1x Festool FS 1400 1.4 Metre Guide Rail
  • 1x Holer Whisper Cut Turbo Blade 160x2.4x20mm
  • 1x CTM 36 E AC AutoClean M Class Dust Extractor


  1. Festool TS 55 FEBQ Plunge Cut Saw: A high-performance saw, engineered to perfection. With a significant increase in working speed, it can now saw up to twice as fast compared to previous models. This saw stands out with absolute precision cuts, maximum power, and durability. It is equipped with new generation cutting blades that ensure perfect cutting quality and maximum performance.

    With its concentrated torque, this saw offers not only faster work progress but also an increased saw blade service life. The attachable splinter guard ensures virtually splinter-free work on both sides. Its guide wedge provides safer work and simple positioning in existing joints, ensuring precise cutting every time. The cutting edge maintains its position from 90° to 47° even when the saw swivels, providing consistent results. A variety of accessories and sophisticated details, like the extraction system perfectly matched to the machine, elevates this tool to a top-class sawing system.

    Power Consumption: 1200 watts
    Idle engine speed: 2000-5800 rpm
    Saw Blade Diameter: 160mm
    Angle range: -1°- 47°
    Cutting depth: 0-55 mm
    Cutting Depth 45°: 43 mm
    Weight: 4.50 kg

  2. Festool CTM 36 E AC RENOFIX Mobile Dust Extractor: Specifically designed for high dust volume tasks, this dust extractor thrives in challenging environments. It features an AUTOCLEAN system that regularly cleans the high-performance main filter, ensuring consistently high suction power.

    It boasts a large 36-litre container volume and an extremely compact high-performance turbine, delivering a whopping 3900 l/min volume flow that leaves your workspace clean. The flat filter is fully integrated in the suction head, maximizing the utilization of the container volume, so the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical.

    This extractor is designed for mobility with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels, coupled with a locking brake for stability on any surface. The CTM 36 E AC RENOFIX also has the ability to be retrofitted with a compressed air or Bluetooth® module for remote control on the suction hose or automatic start via the Bluetooth® battery pack, offering enhanced convenience and control.

    Power consumption 350 – 1 200 W
    Max. volume flow 3900.00 l/min
    Max. vacuum 24000.00 Pa
    Filter surface area 6318.00 cm²
    Container/filter bag capacity 36/34 l
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 630 x 365 x 596 mm
    Dust class M
    Cable length 7.50 m
    Product weight without accessories 16.30 kg

  1. Holer DDS0160 Plunge Diamond Blade: This is a specially adapted blade for the Festool TS 55 Plunge saw, making it a perfect tool for cutting aerated concrete panels. It features the Whisper Cut DCU(S)*** design, which reduces noise while providing extra cooling for sustained performance.

    The blade can effortlessly cut through various materials, from AAC Panels to granite slabs, hard basalt, reinforced concrete, and more. Whether it's stone, terrazzo, pavers, clay bricks, or blocks, this blade will handle them all with ease. The specially designed steel core with air holes ensures reduced noise and extra cooling, creating a more comfortable working environment while maintaining peak performance.

Each tool in this kit is carefully selected and built to complement each other, providing you a comprehensive solution for processing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels. It's the perfect combo kit to achieve precision, power, and efficiency in your AAC Panel tasks.


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