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Festool 16 Amp Fast Charger SCA 16 (576956)

Festool 16 Amp Fast Charger SCA 16 (576956)


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Festool 16 Amp Fast Charger SCA 16 (576956)

Introducing the AIRSTREAM SCA 16 rapid charger, the ultimate solution for your battery charging needs. With its integrated AIRSTREAM cooling function, this device can charge all battery packs from the 10.8V, 14.4V, and 18V voltage classes faster than any other charger on the market. But it doesn't stop there - when used with the 8.0 Ah Li High-Power battery pack after heavy-duty applications, the SCA 16 can recharge it in just 27 minutes!

Thanks to the intelligent air cooling system, the SCA 16 ensures that your AIRSTREAM battery packs are ready for use again in no time. It actively cools the battery packs before and during the charging procedure, resulting in significantly increased charging capacity and fast reuse. Plus, the AIRSTREAM function is only applied when necessary to save energy.

The SCA 16 is suitable for all battery packs from the 10.8V, 14.4V, and 18V classes, except for the BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8V. It always achieves the maximum possible charging power for interruption-free work, and the LED display provides a complete overview, indicating the charging progress and remaining charge time at any time.

Efficiently stow the SCA 16 with its cord holder on the housing and device for wall mounting. And don't worry about warranty coverage - the SCA 16 AIRSTREAM rapid charger is fully covered by Festool SERVICE.

Don't settle for slow charging times anymore. Upgrade to the AIRSTREAM SCA 16 rapid charger for twice as fast charging and an intelligent cooling function. Order now and experience the convenience and speed of this top-of-the-line charger for yourself.


    • Charging current 16.0 A
    • Input voltage 220 - 240 V
    • Product weight 1.10 kg
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