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Diablo 8.5 in. / 216mm 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade

Diablo 8.5 in. / 216mm 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade


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Diablo 8.5" 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade - Precision Cutting for Exquisite Finishes

Elevate your woodworking to a new level of excellence with the Diablo 8.5-inch (216mm) 60-Tooth Fine Finish Saw Blade. Tailored for trim crews and serious DIYers, this blade is a standout choice for use with sliding or "chop" style mitre saws, as well as jobsite table saws.

Specialized for Fine Finishes: The Diablo Fine Finish blade is an asset for trim carpenters and anyone seeking a flawlessly smooth surface. Its special cutting geometry and high tooth count yield extremely smooth cuts, minimizing grabbing or blowout. This leaves a surface that requires little to no sanding, perfect for trim work and crafting bookcases, cabinets, and shelving.

Optimized for Trim and Cabinetry Work: Designed to meet the needs of precision-focused carpenters, this blade offers excellent results in trim work and is ideal for building high-quality cabinets and furniture.

Enhanced Cutting Efficiency: As part of Diablo's cordless blade series, this 8.5" saw blade is engineered for maximum efficiency, particularly in battery-run tools. The super thin kerf design ensures fast, durable, and clean cuts, allowing more cuts per battery charge and enhancing work efficiency.

TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide for Superior Performance: Each blade is crafted with TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide, specifically designed for each application. This results in enhanced performance and longevity, ensuring precise and consistent cuts.

Perma-SHIELD® Non-stick Coating: Featuring Diablo’s advanced Perma-SHIELD® Non-stick Coating, this blade is protected from heat, gumming, and corrosion. This feature extends the blade's life and ensures it remains in top condition, even under rigorous use.

Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing: The carbide tips are secured with tri-metal shock resistant brazing, allowing them to withstand extreme impacts. This feature extends the blade's durability, ensuring it remains a reliable tool in your toolkit.

Hardened Steel Body: The hardened steel body of the blade guarantees a longer life and maintains a consistently sharp cutting edge.

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 8.5" / 216mm
  • Kerf: 2.2
  • Plate: 1.6
  • Teeth: 60, ideal for cabinets and furniture applications
  • Arbor: 30mm
  • Item #: 2608644444
  • Barcode: 3165140897297
  • Short Code: D0860SZ

Ideal for Delicate and Detailed Projects: This blade is specifically designed for fine finish crosscuts in wood, plywood, and melamine, making it an ideal choice for high-quality woodworking projects, including remodeling, demolition, siding, decking, and electrical and plumbing tasks.

The Diablo 8.5" 60T Fine Finish Saw Blade is a testament to Diablo's legacy of innovative technology and commitment to quality. Whether you're a professional carpenter or a passionate DIYer, this blade will take your woodworking projects to the next level of precision and excellence.

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