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Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer 25 - 50mm

Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer 25 - 50mm


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Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer (25 - 50mm) - Elevate Your Measurement Game

Precision Beyond Measure Introducing the Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer for the 25-50mm range. Precision and durability are at the forefront, ensuring each measurement is consistently accurate and reliable.

Meeting Global Standards Adhering strictly to the DIN 863 standards, every component of this micrometer exemplifies world-class craftsmanship and engineering. When it comes to accuracy, compromise is not in Dasqua's dictionary, and the hardened, ground, and lapped spindle thread attests to this commitment.

The Carbide Advantage While most micrometers use traditional carbide tips prone to wear and tear, Dasqua's micrometer introduces a revolutionary special carbide on the measuring anvil. This ensures the longevity of the tool, especially since the anvil and spindle – the points of direct contact with the measured object – are typically the most vulnerable. Expect a significantly extended lifespan with this carbide-tipped marvel.

Superior Build and Design Moving away from the conventional alloy or carbon steel threading rods, Dasqua incorporates a precision-ground stainless steel threading rod, setting a new industry benchmark for longevity and precision.

Ease of Use Clear laser-etched graduations on a satin chrome finish ensure readings are effortless and precise every single time. In addition, the ratchet stop is tailored for a consistent force, guaranteeing repeatability in measurements.


  • Measuring Range: 25-50mm / 1-2''
  • Graduation: ±0.01mm / 0.0004''
  • Accuracy: 0.004mm / 0.0001575''
  • Manufacturing Standards: DIN 863

Additional Features:

  • Reliable spindle lock ensures stable measurements.
  • Revolutionary special carbide on the measuring anvil boosts durability.
  • Precision Ground Stainless Steel threading rod ensures durability and precise movement.
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