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Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer 0 - 25mm

Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer 0 - 25mm


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Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer (0 - 25mm) - A New Standard in Micrometry

The Pinnacle of Precision Enter a realm of accuracy like never before with the Dasqua Ultra-Precision Outside Micrometer. Specifically designed for the utmost precision, this micrometer promises measurements with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring every reading is both reliable and precise.

Redefining Standards Constructed strictly following the DIN 863 standards, every facet of this micrometer is a testament to high-quality engineering. The micrometer's spindle thread, which has been expertly hardened, ground, and lapped, showcases the commitment to accuracy.

Carbide Revolution Traditional carbide tips are prone to wearing out, but Dasqua has ushered in an innovation. The new special carbide used on the measuring anvil promises significantly enhanced durability. This directly translates to longer usage life, ensuring that the micrometer remains a staple in your precision tool kit for years to come.

Superior Craftsmanship Where most industry tools use alloy or carbon steel threading rods, Dasqua's micrometer proudly features a precision-ground stainless steel threading rod, a choice that amplifies the tool's longevity and reliability.

User-friendly Design Clarity is essential when working with precision tools. With clear graduations laser-etched on a satin chrome finish, the micrometer offers easy readability, reducing any chances of measurement errors. Coupled with a ratchet stop designed for consistent force, the tool ensures consistency in every measurement.


  • Measuring Range: 0-25mm / 0-1''
  • Graduation: ±0.01mm / 0.0004''
  • Accuracy: 0.004mm / 0.0001575''
  • Manufacturing Standards: DIN 863
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy
  • Warranty: 2 years

Additional Features:

  • Spindle lock for measurement consistency.
  • Use of special carbide on the measuring anvil for extended durability.
  • Precision Ground Stainless Steel threading rod for long-term use.
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