Tips for Cutting AAC (Hebel)

To cut AAC panel using a Festool plunge saw, we recommend using a suitable diamond whisper turbo blade.
Blade for the TS55 and TSC55
Blade for the TS75
When cutting AAC, it is important to use proper dust extraction as the dust contains crystalline silica which can go deep into the lungs when breathed in.
We also recommend wearing a suitable P1 or P2 particulate respirator and proper face / eye protection.
For dust extraction, we recommend the Festool CTM range as all extractors in it are rated for M class dust which AAC dust falls under. Read our dust extraction article here
The dust extractor that pairs best with the TS range of track saws for cutting AAC panel is the CTM 26 E.
The CTM 26 E has a 26 litre capacity and is suitable for dust with limit values > 0.1 mg/m³