Festool TS 60 K vs. Festool TS 55: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Outstanding Plunge-Cut Saws

Discover the key differences between Festool's latest TS 60 K plunge-cut saw and the tried-and-tested TS 55, and choose the perfect saw for your needs.

Discover the key differences between Festool's latest TS 60 K plunge-cut saw and the tried-and-tested TS 55, and choose the perfect saw for your needs.

Festool's commitment to producing high-quality, innovative power tools is evident in both the new TS 60 K and the TS 55 plunge-cut saws. Both saws deliver exceptional cutting capabilities, precision, and durability. However, understanding their differences is essential for choosing the right saw for your needs. In this comparison, we will highlight the key features and technical specifications of both models, helping you make an informed decision.

Festool TS 60 K: Unmatched Versatility, Safety, and Performance

The TS 60 K boasts a unique KickbackStop technology, providing enhanced safety by minimizing the risk of injury and protecting the workpiece. With a 62mm cutting depth, the TS 60 K is Festool's most versatile plunge-cut saw, capable of 45° mitre cuts in solid panels up to 40mm thick using the guide rail and 45mm without. The saw is also compatible with all FSK cross cutting guide rails that were previously limited to the HK and HKC circular saws, making the TS 60 K a versatile combination saw.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power consumption: 1500 W
  • No-load speed: 3000–6800 RPM
  • Saw blade diameter: 168 mm
  • Angle range: -1 to 47°
  • Cutting depth: 0–62 mm
  • Cutting depth at 45°: 45 mm
  • Dust extraction connection diameter: 27/36 mm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg

Festool TS 55: Speed, Precision, and a Proven Sawing System

The TS 55 is known for its precision cuts, maximum power, and extreme durability. Its concentrated torque allows for up to twice the work progress versus the previous generation TS 55 K, while the new generation of cutting blades ensures perfect cutting quality and maximum cutting performance. The TS 55 offers a top-class sawing system with a variety of accessories, such as trade tested guide rails and angle stops.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power consumption: 1200 W
  • No-load speed: 2000–5800 RPM
  • Saw blade diameter: 160 mm
  • Angle range: -1 to 47°
  • Cutting depth: 0–55 mm
  • Weight: 4.4 kg

Key Differences Between the Festool TS 60 K and Festool TS 55

  1. Safety: The TS 60 K features the unique KickbackStop technology (previously offered only on the cordless TSC 55), offering greater safety during operation. While the TS 55 F features a riving knife to stop the cut closing up reducing mid cut kickback but not eliminating plunge cut kickback.
  2. Cutting Depth: The TS 60 K has a 62mm cutting depth, while the TS 55 offers a 55mm cutting depth. Allowing for the TS 60 K to cut 45mm at 45° where the TS 55 F offers only 43mm at 45°
  3. Rail compatibility: The TS 60 K is compatible with the FSK series of crosscut rails previously limited to only the HK and HKC circular saws, giving the unique ability to act as a combination of a standard circular saw and a plunge cut track saw, reducing, or even removing the need for a traditional circular saw. whereas the TS 55 F is limited only to the standard FS series rails.
  4. Power and Speed: The TS 60 K has a higher power rating (1500 W) and a faster no-load speed (3000–6800 RPM) compared to the TS 55 (1200 W and 2000–5800 RPM). The TS 60 K is also brushless which has a slight efficiency advantage over thew standard brushed motor in the TS 55
  5. Saw Blade Diameter: The TS 60 K has a larger saw blade diameter (168 mm) which will be compatible with the upcoming CSC SYS 50 portable table saw blades. Where the TS 55 uses smaller blades (160 mm) which are compatible with the TSC 55, the HK 55 and the HKC 55 and currently in wide use. We will be carrying blades in both sizes from Festool.
  6. Weight: The TS 60 K weighs slightly more (4.6 kg) than the TS 55 (4.4 kg).
  7. Size: Due to the bigger blade size, the TS 60 K has both a slightly larger footprint & a taller housing to accommodate the new blade.

If safety and versatility are your top priorities, the TS 60 K may be the better choice for you. Its unique KickbackStop technology minimizes the risk of injury, while the 62mm cutting depth and compatibility with all cross cutting guide rails make it perfect for a wide range of applications.

On the other hand, if portability  and a proven sawing system are more important to you, the TS 55 could be the ideal plunge-cut saw. With up to twice the work progress compared to the previous generatrion TS 55 R, a new generation of cutting blades, and a variety of accessories, the TS 55 delivers excellent results for various woodworking challenges.

Additionally, consider the type of projects you typically work on and the materials you most commonly cut. The TS 60 K's larger saw blade diameter and higher power consumption may be better suited for more demanding tasks, whereas the TS 55's speed and precision make it an excellent choice for precise cuts and detailed work.

In terms of ergonomics, the TS 55's slimline housing offers maximum flexibility and the ability to work in close proximity to walls (12mm). The TS 60 K, while slightly heavier, features a compact design that still provides excellent manoeuvrability and control during use.

Ultimately, both the Festool TS 60 K and TS 55 plunge-cut saws are excellent choices for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. By evaluating your specific needs, preferences, and the key differences between these two outstanding saws, you can make the best decision for your woodworking projects and enjoy unparalleled cutting power, precision, and performance.

In conclusion, both the Festool TS 60 K and TS 55 plunge-cut saws offer outstanding performance, precision, and durability. The TS 60 K stands out with its enhanced safety features, greater cutting depth, and compatibility with cross cutting guide rails. The TS 55 excels in speed, precision, and its proven sawing system with a variety of accessories. Consider your specific needs and preferences when deciding which saw is the perfect addition to your woodworking arsenal.

If you need a hand deciding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have both tools available to have a go with in our demo center.


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